What Is E-A-T SEO And Why It Matters

In the world of search engine optimisation (SEO), many methods are utilised to better refine content that will, as a result, show up in a search engine’s result page. Services like Google often update their algorithm to reward worthwhile content, as ultimately, the relevance, appropriateness and immediacy of a correct search result will reflect well upon them. This allows Google to retain their place as a carefully calibrated and trusted search engine, which keeps them competitive. This also permits a substructure of websites, pursuing higher placements in the search results relating to specific keywords, the justification to continually refine and better their content.


This is where the principle of E-A-T SEO comes in, demonstrated as a handy acronym you can easily remember. But what is E-A-T, and how can it best be utilized for local businesses hoping to compete with large, complex enterprises that you may assume would be uniformly praised at the top of each individual search ranking? Well, search engines like Google (which we will refer to as the default form here on out), use the principles of E-A-T to make sure this latter circumstance is not the only result felt by search engine users.

What Is E-A-T For SEO

Having a strong brand cements your place in the market, increases your reach, and boosts customer loyalty. To create a strong brand, however, you need to ensure your branding is instantly recognizable to your target audience. A website is an effective way to reinforce your brand values and to use your visual assets to increase brand recognition. When your logo, typography, and corporate colours are being displayed online, you can be confident that a greater percentage of your target audience will recognize your brand attributes in any location.

Why Is It Important

E-A-T is important because it provides clarity to search results and rewards better content.

Expertise translates to the knowledge your service or website offers regarding a certain topic. For instance, if your plumbing business regularly posts effective, well-written, readable plumbing content for a range of purposes, you are more likely to be weighed as an authority on the subject, and that can benefit you in the search rankings.

Authority searches for the relevance of the answers, using keywords, predictive phrases, backlinks and citations via social media or other websites to raise your profile. If others are referring to your page, others are more likely to wish to do so as well.

Trustworthiness is an essential component of becoming evaluated more positively. If your website holds a valid SSL certificate, if pages and images are easy to load, if navigation is easy, and if you fully meet user needs (such as offering full desktop and mobile browsing compatibility), you will be ranked more highly.

How Does It Help Local Businesses

E-A-T helps local businesses because it allows you to operate within the same framework as larger businesses. If anything, the expertise and authority you may hold on a subject can be specific to a certain area, and so local businesses are aided in this search response. For instance, if you search for a gym, Google will wish to show you gyms in the local area that present expertise, authority, and trustworthiness as part of their landing page. After all, showing you a gym in another country, despite its fame, has little relevance to you, right now. For that reason, E-A-T is a fantastic method of structuring a search ranking algorithm.

With this advice, we hope you can understand E-A-T and how it may translate to your own SEO strategy.

We will help your business develop a strategy which will develop your E-A-T and make your business a authority within your industry in your local area. Contact us today and see how we can help.

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