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At Unearth we focus on local. We provide digital marketing services to help your business get found online by your local customers. Whether you want to improve your brand image or increase your businesses exposure online, we can help!

Our Services

The services we provide are tailored to your businesses needs with the sole aim to get your business as much exposure online to your local audience. Whether that be for a specific town or region we’ve got you covered.

Over the years, a well designed website has become increasingly important for local businesses. Having a great looking website impacts how potential customers perceive your brand even before contacting you.

Ensuring you keep these customers on your website, instead of leaving for a competitors, is crucial in today’s world.

Local SEO is the process of improving your businesses online presence so that customers can find your businesses services, right when they are searching for them.

With 46% of all online searches seeking local information, and the fact that 97% of customers learn more about a company online than anywhere else, being visible online is now a necessity.

Google My Business is the tool that will get your business on the map. When searching for local services on Google you will often see what is called the map pack.

Appearing on this map is now a crucial component for local businesses as it is the new local directory.

Our Recent Projects

Take a look below at some of our recent projects. We cater for many types of business from home services to small to medium sized businesses with physical store locations.

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How We Can Help You

We pride ourselves on providing professional web design and SEO services for a wide range of business industries throughout London & Essex. Combining our design and analytical skills we will provide a digital marketing campaign to help your business be found by customers looking for the services you offer. We understand each and every business is unique so we will ensure that our services are specific to your businesses needs.


Target Local Customers

Target customers right when they are searching for the products and services​ that your business has offer.

Rank Higher In Search Results

Appear in the search engine map packs and organic result pages to receive a boost in online visibility​.

Increase Brand Awareness

As potential customers continue to see your business in the search results, your brand presence will increase.​

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Appearing well in search will increase your click-through rate, generating more traffic to your website​.

Grow Your Customer Base

By continuing to find customers and generating new leads, your customer base will grow​.

Increase Your Turnover

With existing and new customers you can generate more revenue, helping you to grow your business​.

Let Us Help You Increase Your Online Presence

Looking to take your business to the next level? Speak with us today and see how we can help!

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